Everything You Need To Know About Frauds Committed In Casinos

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Casinos generate nearly $ 70 billion in revenue each year. Think about it for a moment. Not $ 70 million and not $ 7 billion, but $ 70 billion.
With casinos wagering so much money, it’s no surprise that scammers think they’re smart enough to outsmart the system. In fact, very few people are able to do this with minimal opportunities. Worldwide Casino Consulting estimates that less than 0.1% of casino earnings come into the hands of fraudsters. The few who cheat casinos are almost always caught.
Exchange of information with other players
Fraudsters often work with other fraudsters. For example, a player may try to get a good look at the dealer cards and send a wireless signal to the others involved in the fraud. As early as 1973, a group of fraudsters hid a transmitter in a pack of cigarette collecting pictures to send messages to each other. Broadcasters have evolved significantly in recent years, but casino fraud detection has also improved.
This is how casinos go about it: in addition to special debugging staff who are responsible for identifying illegal communications and focusing on such attacking players, casinos need to carefully monitor everyone in the casino area.
Casinos also have new technologies like NORA to identify fraud groups. With the help of NORA, security personnel can search public documents to identify relationships between their customers. This allows them to predict whether certain people intend to cheat together.
Nora allows the security team to make public records
Look at the dealer’s cards
Honest dealers are also not perfect. You can accidentally tilt your pocket card so that players can see your cards. Casinos have to make sure that they cannot.
Here’s how casinos do it: casinos carefully train their dealers to avoid this. There are severe penalties if the pocket cards are not properly held, and dealers can face serious consequences, even if it was a real oversight. Players are encouraged to report dealers who do not hold their cards properly. Especially players who cannot see the map due to their viewing angle are likely to complain if they feel that other players are preferred.

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